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I've been in Phuket since 1999 and started a weather blog in 2006 so I think I can say that I know the weather in Phuket. And it's unpredictable. Phuket weather is not as simple as "wet" / "dry" or "low season" / "high season". Yes, on average you get less rain from November to April compared to May to October, but this does not mean you'll get NO rain in December, and it does not mean you'll get ALL rain in July. There are rainy days in high season, and there are beautiful sunny days in low season. You can visit in August and have a week of sunshine, or you can be unlucky and get mostly wet, windy weather. The weather can be a bit random sometimes. And most of the weather forecasts online are, in my opinion, a bit useless.

What websites have good weather forecasts for Phuket? The sites I use most are Windguru, and Accuweather.

Windguru is more of a wind and wave forecast site, though it does have estimated rainfall. I have used this site for years - very useful for planning dive trips - on a boat trip we don't care too much about rain, but we do care about strong winds and high waves! is a lovely site to play with, it shows a map which you can zoom in and out of, you can switch from wind forecast to wave forecast to rain forecast, it's great.

Accuweather, of all the big weather forecast sites, I find to be most accurate. It shows daily and hourly forecasts with % chances of rain.

One issue with Phuket weather forecasts is that the weather here is often very localised. It might be raining in one part of Phuket, sunny in another. Thunderstorms and showers can last just a short time, so an otherwise dry day is marked as "rainy". You may see little weather symbols which indicate rain, but please .. this does not mean it will rain all day all over Phuket. We do sometimes get heavy weather with a few days of rain over a large area in low season, but that is not so common. Weather here in Phuket in low/wet season is very changeable and normally very localised.

Other forecast tools ...

The Phuket weather (rain) radar is useful to see what is on the way soon! You can see rain coming in, it's good to estimate how wet or dry the next few hours may be, good for short term planning.

A weather satellite is also good for looking at incoming weather.

There are lots of weather forecasts on the web for Phuket. By all means do have a look but they do tend to be inaccurate and don't take into account localised weather. Often in low season, some of these sites are just set on "Chance of Rain" or "Chance of Thunderstorm" every day! And that's a load of crap. You can check the Phuket forecast at, Yahoo, BBC, or the Thai Meteorological Department.

For the latest Phuket weather updates you can also follow me on Twitter - @jamiemonk - I do tend to mention weather most days!

Phuket Weather

Phuket Weather Forecasts

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Phuket Air Quality vs. Bangkok Air Quality

Air quality very much in the news right now. Bangkok is very smoggy lately, partly due to local emissions (especially traffic) and partly due to burning of fields to the east. Local authorities trying all kind of nonsense like spraying water off tall buildings and deploying water spraying drones. It might cut the haze a little, but the root problem is pollution. Traffic in Bangkok is nuts. I last had a day there in 2017 and really, maybe Bangkok is fun for some people, but too busy for me. So much traffic, and that means a lot of emissions.

Bangkok Traffic

(above) Bangkok traffic, July 2017

It's all over the news right now, with schools closing this week so kids don't have to go outside, and many people I follow on Twitter are talking about the air. If I was in Bangkok right now, I'd be asking for a few days holiday somewhere withe cleaner air! Suggest following Richard Barrow on Twitter, he has a lot of news and updates.

A great web link to use for air quality is the AirVisual website ...

Bangkok Air Quality

and compare to

Phuket Air Quality

or for reference ...

London Air Quality

And see where Bangkok ranks ..

World Air Quality Rankings

So here in Phuket, air is much clearer even if I do complain about traffic some days, it's nothing compared to Bangkok. It has been a bit hazy recently, and that may be due to another factor in the Bangkok haze - burning of fields in the east of Thailand and also in Cambodia, all to the northeast of Phuket and with a NE wind blowing we can get a hazy sky due to this burning.

A couple of nice little widgets from the Airvisual website ...

Phuket Air Quality :

compare to Bangkok Air Quality :

Chiang Mai is sometimes even worse :

Phuket Weather

Phuket Air Quality vs. Bangkok Air Quality

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Tropical Storm Pabuk

Well, this Phuket Weather Blog started way back in 2006, but I more or less stopped updating several years ago due to time constraints and the fact that Phuket weather is not really so exciting. Mostly hot, a good chance of hot and sunny, and even if it rains it's still hot. Low season (from about mid May to mid October) is wetter on average than high season, but for sure you can get wet days in high season just as you get lovely sunny days in low season. It's tropical weather, but normally the bad weather is not that bad. A bit of wind and rain, but we don't get huge storms, and (at least in written record) there has never been a Typhoon strength storm hit Phuket, and only 1 to hit Thailand (Typhoon Gay in 1989 which hit my wife's home town Chumphon). So I kind of got bored blogging the weather, though I do often mention weather on Twitter - follow me @jamiemonk!

Latest updates see further down. Storm has gone now. Nothing to worry about. We had a bit of rain. Parts of the mainland especially in Nakhon Si Thammarat province had some flooding and there was some minor damage here and there in Nakhon and Surat. Koh Samui had some rough seas and rain, but nothing serious.


(written 3 January)

Well this week we have something to mention. Tropical Storm Pabuk seems to be heading this way. Currently off the east coast bringing rain to Nakhorn Si Thammarat and Surat Thani and Songkhla provinces. The storm has been heading here for a few days from the seas south of Vietnam and while it is not a Typhoon strength storm, it looks like it'll bring plenty of rain, so east coast areas should be wary of flooding. Current location - see image below from the excellent Windy website.

Tropical Storm Pabuk

The storm track was heading up the coast and crossing the Thai mainland some way north of Phuket, but this seems to be changing. The track on the Windy website - see,99.808,9 now has the storm passing over Krabi province during Friday evening and being more or less over Phuket on Saturday. So it could be getting very wet indeed for a couple of days!

Another good website to follow - TropicalStormRisk

And you can see latest rain radar images on this weather blog:

Phuket Weather Radar
Krabi Weather Radar

And check the Windguru forecast also.

And there is a very good Satellite image here :

Keep up with latest Phuket news - aside from following me on Twitter, Richard Barrow will be a good one to follow for news. Also The Phuket News website and on Facebook.

Boat trips / dive trips have been cancelled out of Phuket for the 4th and 5th and ferries from Phi Phi won't be running either. On the east coast of Thailand I believe ferries to Samui / Koh Tao / Koh Pha Ngan are also affected as well as flights to Samui / Surat Thani and Nakhorn Si Thammarat. If you have urgent travel plans in the next few days ... check everything!

I'll be in the dive shop next 2 days unless Saturday is really shitty, then I might stay home. Let's see what happens. I recall a storm some years ago heading across the Gulf of Thailand, and we went to bed expecting to wake up to heavy rain and wind, but we woke up to blue skies - the storm had turned north. So .. let's see. Keep tuned to news and Twitter. See you on the other side.

UPDATE Friday evening 4th January

Getting a little rain in Phuket now (7pm). Latest storm tracking suggests Pabuk will pass north of Phuket (see Tropical Storm Risk). Latest Satellite image shows plenty rain on the mainland in Krabi and Nakorn Si Thammarat and storm seem to be moving mostly northwards. See below.

During the night we may get some heavier rain, or during tomorrow morning. Let's see!

Saturday morning update 5th January. Nothing happened. Storm broke up / dissipated, we had a few breezes and a few drips of rain last night. I reckon it'll be sunny by the afternoon.

(above) Satellite image animation 10am Saturday 5th January - storm all but gone and north of Phuket. Later on Saturday we had some rain, but just rain, nothing to write home about. Nothing to see here.

Phuket Weather

Tropical Storm Pabuk

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Phuket Webcams | Thailand Webcams

Webcams are a great way to quickly compare weather in different areas of Thailand. It's not always that easy to find a Thai webcam on the internet. If you search Google you get all kinds of results, but often leading to webcams that are no longer operating or pages that are basically sp@m. I have found quite a few good Thai webcams from various locations and lots in Phuket. Webcams are sometimes offline, or showing old data or just disappear.

Phuket Webcams

There are quite a few Phuket webcams on this Phuket weather blog. A great way to check the latest Phuket weather although do take care of the date and time showing on the webcams, they might not be 100% live, might be non functional and you may be seeing old weather! Sorry they are not my webcams!

Patong Beach - several webcams online

Looking across the bay from Patong Tower
Looking up Bangla Road
At Patong beach near Laimai Resort
Looking across Patong Bay from Thavorn Beach Village
At Graceland Resort
At Dolphin Circle (north end of Patong)

Karon Beach - 3 different webcams

Looking along Karon Beach from Marina Resort
Karon Beach in front of Thavorn Palm Beach Resort
Beach Road near Old Phuket Hotel

Kata Beach

Kata View from the hillside

Phuket Town

Old Phuket Town (corner Phuket Road and Phang Nga Road)

Sarasin Bridge (far north of Phuket, connecting the island to the mainland)

Sarasin Bridge Webcam

Chalong Bay

Chalong Bay Webcam

Naiharn Beach

Naiharn Beach Webcam

Khao Lak

Khao Lak Webcam

Koh Samui - I get lots of questions about the weather - is Phuket weather better, or is it better in the Gulf of Thailand? Have a look!

Koh Samui Webcams Youtube Channel

Hua Hin

Hua Hin Webcam


Pattaya Webcams

Koh Pha Ngan

Thong Nai Pan Bay
Maehaad Bay Resort


Chaophraya River 2


Bridge Over the River Kwai

Like I say, some of these may not be running all the time. I do check now and then and remove links to dead cams, but this is the best I can do for now if you want to check the latest conditions (weather) in Phuket or other parts of Thailand. Please do note that none of these webcams are anything to do with naughty nightlife. Just street views, beach views and weather!

Phuket Weather

Phuket Webcams | Thailand Webcams

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