Phuket Weather

Phuket Weather

As an aside to my Phuket Blog, I have decided to start a weather blog. Why? Because everyone is obsessed by the weather. Is it raining? Is it too hot? What's the weather like in Phuket in July? And so on..On the Lonely Planet Thailand Forum, there are weather related questions every day. I used to keep up a weather log where I was working before, and hope I can keep up to date with this one. Daily updates GUARANTEED! (Well, let's try for weekly). This blog will tell you what the weather is doing now, or has done recently. There are links on the left of the page for weather forecasts and more Phuket weather information.

So let's start with Today - May 25th 2006.

After enduring a pretty wet week, especially over the weekend when, according to the Phuket Gazette, 35 houses were damaged in Phuket by storms, today is finally what I can call a NICE DAY. Warm, sunny (not clear skies, but enough sun to warm a lizard's blood). Seas look calm, winds are light and we have been discussing going diving one day soon - close the office and get underwater for a day, hoorah!

The forecasts differ for the next few days, but on the whole looks like light winds, some sunshine, maybe some rain, but generally decent. After all the rain we have had, I will be interested to see the water level in the main reservoir at Bang Wad - might head up there tomorrow for a walk on the dam.

There! We've started. Hope this weather blog is useful to someone, and hope I have time to update on a regular basis. I will try to post photos now and then too.

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