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Weather in Phuket, May 27th 2006

Sky over PatongBy 4pm yesterday, the sun was shining and the air was warm. The morning's rain just a fast fading memory. If you were on the beach, you would have seen a nice sunset. Remained dry all night, and the sky was blue this morning with a few clouds floating around. Might get cloudier later - the weather is like that...but the air is fresh and my bones tell me "no rain today".

I took a little walk on Patong Beach. Not many folks around at 6:45am. Beach chairs still stacked, a few joggers taking advantage of the cool morning... Hell, it almost looked pretty. Most places do in the early morning. Getting up early is worthwhile when you travel. You get cool air, no crowds, great light for photos, and a chance to have a coffee in peace before anyone else can disturb your mind. Patong in the middle of the day is another matter. I took a walk at lunchtime to find a CD. I'd say at least 5 tailors, 6 massage girls and 7 tuk tuk drivers tried to grab my attention. Of course I look like a tourist, they can't know I live here...Well, I know where to go for CD's now. The guy just had a few out front, but up a passageway behind a tailors was a huge room full of CD's and DVD's. 100 Baht is the going rate.

Photos on this page taken this very morning on Patong Beach.

Turtles on Patong Beach Patong Beach

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