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5 - 6 June in Phuket. A little sun, a little rain

Last 2 days have been weather non-events. A little rain, a little bit of sun, partly cloudy. Today started quite humid, but actually felt cooler around midday. It has continued "partly cloudy" all afternoon. The mornings humidity was accentuated by having to do my yearly visa extension. As a tax paying foreigner with a Thai wife and kids and a work permit, I can renew my current visa for another year, but it still involves arms full of paperwork, photocopies and form filling. Not helped by baby boy who did NOT want to be sitting still in the immigration office this morning. Had to take him out for a walk. He saw birds and flowers which he always likes. But as we waited longer he got growly and I had to take him for a drive to the nearest 7-11 to buy some milk. He finally fell asleep in the car about 2 minutes after we left. By the way I would just like to say I have never had a problem with Phuket Immigration, always find them helpful and courteous.

5 - 6 June in Phuket. A little sun, a little rain  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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