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After the rain comes sun...after the sun comes rain again

Well after the loverly day we had yesterday, this morning was wet again, and I had left my raincoat at work. So I bravely headed out sin impermeable, met a few drops of rain, stopped at the gas station and 7-11, but neither sold raincoats (not even the 25 Baht plastic ones that I use). Luckily it was not raining over the hill or in Patong, at least not until later. A very wet morning indeed. Oh, please let SUNday be a SUNNY day.

World Cup... Now it gets interesting. Tonight I will be Swedish. I probably have more German friends than Swedes, and have been to Germany many times, but...well, it's football innit. Tomorrow England face Ecuador - a very nice country, I spent a month there in 1996, but England must win, or it will be the end of the world.

After the rain comes sun...after the sun comes rain again  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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