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Rain and Sun and Crouch

Yesterday did not stay sunny. Quite a fair downpour in the afternoon, and yet again I got a little wet on the way home, racing the clouds as they advanced across Patong. Then, just as suddenly, as I rode along with a wet poncho, I was bathed in sunlight. Buzzword - localised weather. Move half a kilometer and you stay dry.

World Cup - you see what happens. I was calling the Germans jammy for getting a late goal against Poland, and England go and do the same thing. Keep plugging away, wasting a hatful of chances - I counted 5 chances for Lampard and at least 3 for Crouch before finally the lanky hitman hit one on the button. After that, we saw why Gerrard should play further up the field as he knocked in a belter just like the FA Cup Final. Now, aside from wasted chances and an unwillingness by any player to take on and beat their man, who can complain. 2 games, 2 wins, 6 points, 3 goals, 0 goals conceded.

Then just as you think it's all over..the jammy Swedes do the same thing too! A goal in the 88th minute that means England are not certain of top spot..but do we want top spot? Who do we want to play in round 2...Germany or Ecuador? They play each other next Tuesday, a few hours before the England-Sweden game. Ecuador look good and could easily top the group - a draw would be enough.

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