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Sunshine in Phuket!

Yesterday afternoon was warm and sunny in Phuket. Today is the same, great weather for diving, for relaxing, for sitting in the garden with a cold beer.

World Cup - Would you believe the Ozzies, and who scores? Kewell, who couldn't hit a barn door all year for Liverpool becomes an Ozzie hero! The Yanks bowed out. Not sure any Americans watched much of the World Cup, since the baseball, basketball and ice hockey was all on TV at the same time. Never mind, let them play their little games and the rest of the world can have football :)

I just renewed my Work Permit today. Aside from the time needed to complete the form, get the paperwork together, copy the paperwork etc.. it took 15 minutes. Last year I was waiting 3 weeks for the renewal. This is more like it!

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