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Thursday 15th June. The sun has got his hat on.

The sun has got his hat on and he's coming out to play.

Yesterday afternoon I got a little wet on the way home at 4pm. I was racing the clouds which were sweeping in across the sea. They only just caught me. Another 5 minutes and I would have been drenched. Most of the evening was wet.

World Cup - would you believe the jammy Germans? Goal in the last minute. Well, I guess it's not luck. The German team has always been like that - they never give up. The Spanish looked rather good from what I saw. Tonight is England's chance to shine after their rather poor win over Paraguay. I can just imagine the irony of Dwight Yorke sinking England. Old, past his best, unwanted in England, now playing football in just know he's going to score.

Today (Thursday) has started sunny and hot. The weather changes very quickly at this time of year. More sun than rain, mostly good weather, the "Green Season" is a nice time to be in Phuket.

Thursday 15th June. The sun has got his hat on.  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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