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Tuesday 13th June

Today is a lovely sunny day, but kept slightly cooler by light cloud cover. Some dark clouds here and there, but basically not the kind of day you want to be cooped up in an office. Hope we can go for a walk later.

Yesterday (Monday) - I am sure there was some weather, but I can't recall what it was. Monday can be like that. No rain, that's for sure, though I do recall some drip drip noises in the night, and the road was wet in places this morning.

World Cup update.... I do not believe the Ozzies. I watched the last 10 minutes against Japan, with Japan leading 1-0, and me thinking "Great, the Ozzies are losing at something", but with typical Antipodean cockiness, they go and score 3 goals in 8 minutes. Struth, mate. Well, as my workmate said, at least the Yanks lost.

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