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Weather for Phuket 30 June 2006

Today has been not-quite-sunny. Light cloud cover, bright and warm, but no actual sun. The kind of weather that brings out the white pasty skinned tourists and gives them a nice bit of sunburn on their first day - oh, yes you can still burn with such light cloud cover, so slap on that sunscreen. It's hot in Phuket!

Excitement...World Cup Quarter finals start tonight with Germany v Argentina, which should be a really good game, if the ref let's it flow.

More Excitement...We get cable TV in our house today! Then next week will cancel the UBC satellite system. The cable is 350 Baht/month, the UBC is 1,600 Baht/month and they don't have any English commentary for the World Cup! My wife is worried she might miss Survivor, America's Next Top Model and Fear Factor! For me, if the cable has BBC and the football, that's enough :)

A Bit of F.U.N (you know, sanook):

What is YOUR Brazil name?

Result for Jamie Monk:
Your Brazilname is "Meca". I like it. You can call me Meca.

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