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21st July

Another warm sunny day in Patong. At least it has started that way. I just went for lunch in the sunshine, though as I was eating a shower rattled down for about 2 minutes. I often eat at the same place for lunch, a small restaurant on a back road and always seems to have the same customers, as it would be hard to find if you don't know where it is. Excellent Panang Gai.

Later we'll be going out for a friend's birthday. I guess we'll eat at a little Italian place called "Thai-Italy" on the back road of Patong (Nanai Road). Great pizza there, cooked al forno just as it should be.

Tour de France - Well, after the last 2 days you thought nothing else would happen..then Landis runs away with the stage and almost gets the Maillot Jaune back despite starting the day 8 minutes off the lead! He was continually holding a water bottle dousing his head with water and drinking, afraid to get dehydrated - and it worked. Amazing race, truly.

Yesterday's Tour - BBC Sport

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