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26-27 July 2006

Yesterday was hot again, a real toaster of a day. Thank God for air con. Had lunch at a local Thai eatery with Mandy and Brian. Who? Exactly. Mandy is a vague relative of mine from Canada. Something like my 4th cousin. I believe we share the same great grandparents or maybe great-great grandparents. My mum enjoys a spot of genealogy and has researched our family history back to the dark ages where it seems we are all decended from William the Conquerer. So where's my darn crown, then? One imagines that the conquering King decided to conquer a few maidens, something like: Vidi, Vici, Veni (yes, I know he was not Roman). Anyway, somewhere back down the line some of the family decided Canada looked nice and went over there. Nice people. They are teachers in Taiwan.

Then yesterday evening we met Steve, Fran and George again, took them up to a restaurant called "Thai-Italy" on Nanai Road (the quiet back road of Patong) for pizza, pasta and Singha. I really must add that restaurant to the restaurant section on Jamie's Phuket. Maybe tomorrow..

Oh I forgot, this is supposed to be a weather blog, sorry.

Today has started cloudy and a bit grey, though I have not seen any rain. You're bound to have the odd grey day after so many hot ones, and nobody really complains about a cooler day.

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