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28th July in Phuket

Weather - Awoke to darkness. I wondered if maybe my daughter had been fiddling with the alarm clock and I'd been woken at 4am. No, it was just dark skies. Lots of black clouds around and I got a little wet on the ride to work on my valiant steed. No worries, it got brighter later in the morning. Please, oh please stay dry tomorrow - we have invited about 20 people round for a BBQ. Rain is not welcome!

Tour de France - well, having been a great race, we now have the possibility that Floyd was doped up, or maybe his body just produces large anounts of testosterone? I mean that 17th stage he was well pumped and was not taking any **** from anyone, so maybe he went into testosterone overdrive? I hope so, or I may not bother watching Le Tour again.

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