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July 2006 in Phuket and the World Cup is over.

Sunday was actually quite nice, though I am not sure we put it to good use. Wife and baby dozed much of the afternoon while I did some colouring with my nearly 5 year old girl. The morning was spent waiting in the hospital to see a doctor, as she has been coughing all week. Doctor said it was bronchitis. Hope she's better today. Evening we at at Dairy Hut in Phuket Town, everyone stuffed full. Then took a drive via a back road up Rang Hill, a nice drive in the early evening light.

World Cup is now over, well it's not, but England lost on penalties AGAIN, after playing better football after Rooney was sent off. Maybe even deserved to win, but nobody could find the back of the net. England have now lost on penalties in 1990, 1996, 1998, 2004 and 2006 in major championships. So, in the great English tradition, let's find someone to blame. I choose Sven.

I choose Sven because of this:

Sven - he couldn't give a shit

The photo is from the World Cup 2002. The whole England bench celebrates as Beckham scores against Argentina. Sven sits there quietly looking like he's waiting for a doctor's appointment while releasing a sneaky fart, and wishing all those noisy guys would shut up. What's there to be excited about, lads? I rest my case.

July 2006 in Phuket and the World Cup is over.  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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