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July 6th Phuket Weather

Today (Thursday) started grey and cloudy, looking like rain, but this has not come to pass. Things have got brighter and it's hot. Well, it's nearly always hot here. It ain't half hot, mum. Meet the gang coz the boys are here, the boys to entertain you...Work has started at our house today - cleaning and painting the wall around the garden, which currently looks awful with lots of black mold growing. Should be all done in a few days and will make our house look so much better.

I'l be off for lunch in a moment, another cheap and filling Thai lunch.

World Cup - see below:

Zidane scores against Portugal, World Cup 2006 - photo from BBC Sport

So, it will be France v Italy in the final. Interesting, but as a depressed Englishman, not worth staying awake for.

BBC Report - France 1 Portugal a big fat ZERO - serves them right for having the nerve to beat England

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