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July in Phuket. Half a year gone.

July already? Blink and you miss it.

Another warm, dry, vaguely sunny day in Phuket. Have just eaten a fine Panang Chicken Curry for lunch, along with some cha yen (ice tea). Bit of a party tonight for 2 reasons - it's a friends birthday. He's German but is not interested in football....but we will have a good BBQ and a few cold ones....and also tonight England have a chance to make the World Cup semi finals. Will they do it? Will they play good football, or will they try endless long balls and run around like headless chickens? My spider sense tells me England will win tonight. But, I'm not a spider, so that could be wildly inaccurate.

Last night's footie: Germany won, when it looked like they might be gone. The Argie manager did a Sven, and took off 2 of his best players when leading 1-0.

Lehmann Saves, Germany Win. Photo from BBC SPORT

BBC Report on Germany v Argentina

July in Phuket. Half a year gone.  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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