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July nearly over

Yesterday we had a gorgeous sunny evening, almost clear skies. We took advantage and went out to eat at Dairy Hut in Phuket Town, one of our fave restaurants. My daughter wolfed down a huge plate of spaghetti, my son threw fried rice all over the place, even managing to eat a fair amount. I had the Yam Dairy Hut. Yam? Yum Yum.

Today has been cloudier, though I don't think we will have any rain.

World News. I am totally dismayed by the situation in the middle East. It's like I want to get between them and say "Oy! You lot, stop fighting!". But can you say that to Israel or to Hezbollah? They just hate each other too much. Part of me just says "let them get on with it", but it's not the leaders or the soldiers who suffer, it's kids and innocent civilians. It's terrible.

Here's a little video which made me laugh, titled "Israelis in India"...

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