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July ticks on under sunny skies

The sun continues this week. Yesterday was a lovely day again. Had a brief shower on my house this morning, but the roads in Patong just a few km away were dry. Long may the sun shine, much as I like things to cool off a bit.

Tour de France - I found that our cable TV show the whole race live, rather than the usual 30 minute highlights show. I've been glued to the screen for the last 2 days as the race has been excellent, even in the shadow of the drug problems that led to the main favourites not being allowed to take part. The last 2 days have been in the Alps and there have been all kinds of changes. I've not really kept up with Le Tour for a few years now. I used to be an addict and was a keen cyclist myself. Back in 1990, along with Rob and Giles, we made a 2500km tour through France and into Spain, including a week in the Pyrenees.

Link: Le Tour de France (BBC Sport Cycling Section)

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