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Monday Monday

Well, hopes of a sunny afternoon yesterday were dashed by several hours of quite heavy rain. Wettest day for a while, thank the Lord we had our party on Saturday! It was dry when I got home, so I played outside with the kids. Unfortunately, baby boy fell while trying to climb off his bike, banged his head on a stone and started bleeding. It looked bad at first. There was blood dripping on the floor, so we decided to dash off to the hospital...

Bangkok Phuket Hospital is great. We use it for everything. Baby boy was born there, I had a hernia operation there, the kids get their jabs there. And although it's a private hospital and is not really cheap, we find that, like last night, they are honest. The doctor gave us an ice pack to put on his head (which had stopped bleeding), gave him a quick examination and told us not to worry. You might think a private hospital would at least charge you for doctors time, wound cleaning etc.. but no.

Monday has started cloudy but dry. Stay tuned for more weather...

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