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Thankfully, Saturday was dry and warm. Indeed I caught the sun while cleaning up the garden in preparation for a party and BBQ. About 45 people arrived at our house and were able to eat and drink and be merry. Lots of kids running around all over the place, everyone having fun. Saw some folks I'd not seen in a while, and finally met our neighbour David who is the director of a charity based in Khao Lak..

The Foundation was set up by the family of a girl who died in the tsunami. They are continuing their support for the local people around Khao Lak, helping with building and educational projects, and also have a Support a Child program. Many kids were left orphaned after the tsunami. The effect on the local community along the west coast was largely ignored by the media who concentrated more on the tourists, but thousands died, among them many illegal Burmese immigrants and construction workers. I've heard numbers quoted like several thousand Burmese died. Not in Myanmar, but in Thailand.

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