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Phuket was nice and sunny on Sunday, a very relaxing day off...well, quite a bit of work to do around the garden. Wall and gate now all painted fresh. Must take a photo. We went to "Super Cheap" - a huge warehouse type shop, only 2nd time I have ever been there, and we bought some wooden garden furniture. Real heavy wooden furniture. A table and 4 benches for 2700 Baht. Will be delivered today. Once you have a house and garden the work never ends!

Monday has started very gloomy indeed. Had been rain during the night. Slowly seems to be getting brighter..Lunch at Fiddy's on Soi Sansabai. Fiddy's does a great breakfast, and the burger I had was pretty decent too.

World Cup - c'est finis. Decided on penalties. Well done Italy. Zidane, you are a nonce. See Zidane's Headbutt.

Mind you, here's the Italians in training:

Wimbledon also over. I did manage to watch some of the Federer-Nadal final. Some great tennis. In fact, I would say the men's tennis is now more exciting than the ladies. A few years back the men's was getting rather dull, but these boys really know how to play!

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