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Continues warm

Yesterday (4th August) was dry and fine, not exactly sunny, but certainly better than a wet October day in Scarborough. Not that there's anything wrong with Scarborough. I cycled there and back from York one time, something like 125 miles as I recall. In them days when I was fit and healthy.

The night was very warm and windless, more like an April night. Kept the aircon running all night - how extravagant! Aircon is a boom business here. You can't fail. When my parents visited in April they liked having aircon. Summer in England has had some really hot days and they wish they had aircon at home too! tell you what, though. We NEVER need central heating here!

This morning started rather hazy, but was sunny by 9am, and we were out for noodles at a local noodle shop in Kathu. Not sure if the afternoon will be sunny or wet. It could go either way.

If you're bored, there's always the cricket.
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Quote of the Day:

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer"
(Albert Camus)

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