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Make your mind up! Typical weather!

Low season can be a little infuriating. You KNOW there will be some nice weather, but you can't say exactly when, making it hard to plan things. Yesterday afternoon got quite nice, but there was more rain in the evening. Dark skies gathered their forces as I took a bag of aluminium cans to the local recycle depot. It's not just recycling - they pay for the material too! Hey, I got the princely sum of 72 Baht yeasterday for some cans. Well, it's not for the money. They will take cans, bottles, paper, plastic, all kinds of metal, just about anything. See the Wongpanit web site (link below) for details!

Wongpanit Recycling

Woke this morning to rain pattering on the roof again, but by 7am it was but the lightest of drizzles, and the day has been dry and bright, though not exactly sunny.

Make your mind up! Typical weather!  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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