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A stormy Saturday morning

Woken at 3am today by strong winds moaning around the house. Just in time to shut some windows before the rain came too. Pretty darn stormy for a few hours, but has become a reasonable day. This was the first day of the year that I came to work in the car, as it was so wet and windy this morning.

See how quick it can change around here? Yesterday evening we went up to Bang Wad Dam for my daughter to ride her new bike. My son loves to run around there too, but he was sleeping and I carried him all the way along the dam and back (its a walk of about 1.5km), then he woke up as we were leaving! It was a sunny evening, with a fresh wind blowing. It's nice up at the dam.

"In Scotland there's no such thing as bad weather - only the wrong clothes"
(Billy Connolly)

I've recently been watching the Billy Connolly TV Series "World Tour of Scotland" on DVD, which is great for scenery and great for a laugh, even if it's over 10 years old now...but I've been away a long time.

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