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Sunday 27th August - More rain in Phuket

Darn it. A day off work, but grey skies and lots of rain. I had hoped to go for a drive around the SW corner of Phuket (Rawai, Phromthep) and maybe have a nice seafood lunch at one of the restaurants near Chalong (we like one called "Danang Seafood"), but the weather limited our movements. First stop - Noodles, then to visit a friend near Chalong. On the way there the rain really poured for a few minutes and then settled back to drizzle. I could have sworn I was in Yorkshire.

Just like Yorkshire?

What to do on a really wet day in Phuket? Shopping! We stopped at Big C to buy some shorts and a new mobile phone (I've not had one for months). Thai people LOVE mobile phones, and are obsessed with ring tones. We chose the cheapest, simplest Nokia, and the first thing the sales assistant showed us was the ring tones! Well, I gotta admit, a phone that goes cock-a-doodle-doo or can giggle like a baby is a must have...

Then a visit to Central looking for some kids clothes - great selection, mostly rather expensive..Then a nice coffee while watching the rain fall.

Its now Monday morning and guess's wet. Well, the rain has stopped, but no hint of sunshine yet.

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