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Tuesday 15th August - Weather in Phuket

Another candidate for the "Wettest Day of the Year" award. Woke to the sound of the wind blowing things around outside, and noticed the electricity was off in our house. Had foolishly left a west facing window open, so had a nice puddle of rain on the floor. Oh it's nice to have an office job sometimes, I would not want to be on a dive boat today (I am a fair weather diver - it's meant to be for fun, so why go out in cr*ppy weather?).

The sky cleared during the morning, and we wandered down to Patong beachfront for lunch. There's a small family run restaurant called "Sabai Sabai" on a street by the post office. It's been there for years and was one of the first restaurants I visited in Patong. Not expensive, decent grub. The Yam Neua (Beef Salad) is very good. I just had a burger which was passable and way better than a McDonalds - which you can find just along the beach. Staff can be a little abrupt, though.

ANYWAY, as we left, we could see rain coming over the sea, but it came faster than we thought, the wind picked up and within a minute rain was lashing all over the place. We sheltered in a shop where they had to pull down the shutters to keep the rain out. We had to stay bunkered down for about 15 minutes. Now it's 2pm and looks like evening!

Well, gotta be better tomorrow!

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