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Tuesday 1st August - Wet

August already. Can you hear the ticking of the clock?

There will be a time when it will end.
Be it parting
Be it death
So each passing minute with you
Pendulummed with sadness.
So many times
I looked long into your face.
I could hear the clock ticking.

("When I Suspected" by Spike Milligan)

Gosh, that's a bit melancholy. Must be the weather. A wet day, though most of the rain fell while I was safely entombed in the office. Lunch was a little longer than planned, as we were stuck in the restaurant watching the rain.

In the evening it was dry and brighter. We headed for the hospital, as baby boy was breathing rather badly. My wife had already been with him in the morning. It may seem like over reaction, but I won't take chances with my kids. She had already given him some medicine, and by the time we got to the hospital he was breathing normally, so we decided to eat at Dairy Hut (just around the corner from the hospital).

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