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26th September. I can see sunshine.

Yesterday afternoon was frustrating. I wanted to visit my optician in Phuket Town, but there was just too much rain around. It would stop for a while, I'd go out and start the bike..and it would start again. Gave up, and will continue to wear my 'orrible spare glasses for a while longer. Strong winds a' blowing in the night, and this morning another wall of rain trooped across the island over the hills to the west of my house. But was dry by late morning and is now sunny. Hooray!

Watched "Poseidon" last night, which was pretty decent. A remake of the old "Poseidon Adventure", but with modern special effects, and fast paced action, as the few survivors try to stay survivors. Naturally they make it with seconds to spare...

26th September. I can see sunshine.  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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