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A bit of sun and a LOT of rain

Friday was very nice indeed, a pleasure of a day. I finished work early and headed into Phuket Town to the optician I use - Better Vision - very nice people, very professional. My little 1 year old has managed to break my glasses recently - very strong hands my boy has. They fixed them for free, and there was me worried I'd have to buy a new pair. If you need an optician in Phuket, here they are:

The BBC Weather report showed a tropical storm heading towards Vietnam - a long way away, but close enough that we get some effects. See the latest Satellite Picture from today:

30th September

So this morning the weather was totally 100% completely awful, utter shite. Rain, rain, rain and guess who had to ride the bike over the mountain? Oui, moi. Delayed as long as possible, but had customers waiting, who if course (sensibly) decided not to go diving. Mind you, the afternoon has been quite nice, so I reckon a days diving today would have been OK. Rain looks worse through a window.

Enjoy your weekends


A bit of sun and a LOT of rain  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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