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Now this is more like September.

The 13th had been a pretty nice day until the afternoon. Then the rain set in, and seemed determined to stay for a while. Thus I got rather wet on the way home and was a tiny bit grouchy when I found that we'd run out of drinking water. You can't really drink the tap water here in Thailand. I mean, it is treated (at least in Phuket - you can smell the chlorine), so it probably won't do you much harm, but you can buy 20 liter bottles of drinking water for 8 Baht, so that's the way to go. We actually buy a slightly more expensive drinking water that costs 30 Baht. You'll see pick up trucks delevering water every day.

The 14th was decent enough to be unremarkable. A few spots of rain, a bit of sun, and quite a strong wind blowing, so the seas looked rougher tha they had been for a while. A good web site for getting an idea of sea conditions is WIND GURU, more of a surfers site, but I find it pretty accurate giving forecasts for wind direction, wave height, rainfall and more.

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. As I rode to work at 7am, and came over Patong Hill, the horizon was dark. Black clouds were advancing over the sea. Coming down the hill, the clouds stood before me like an evil sentinel. I had to reach the office before the rain. The race was on. Of course I got stuck behind a bike pulling a line of 5 ***ing jet skis (I hate jet skis). On Nanai road it is all but impossible to overtake something like this safely. The road is too narrow and twisty. You either stay put or risk it around a blind corner. As the gloom advanced, I dashed along Song Roy Pee road and reached the office with moments to spare. The morning was a wet one, but the afternoon got brighter.

This morning too is bright, but I wouldn't bet against some rain. Watched a movie called "The Life Aquatic" last night. I must have missed the point. Watched it right to the end and realised I had just wasted 2 hours of my life. Bill Murray is the main star. He did "Groundhog Day", which is a favourite movie of mine. He was also in "The Rutles" (as Bill Murray the K) - you gotta Twist and Rut!

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