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Saturday 9th September

Well, the skies were pretty clear and the air was fresh this morning. The moon was setting over the sea, so I walked along Patong beach taking a few photos in the early morning light. They would have been great photos and I would have put them right here, but (who's a donkey?) my camera was on macro setting. So instead here's a photo of some coconuts growing on a tree in my garden.

Coconuts growing in my garden yesterday

I'm not a huge tennis fan, but do like a bit of Maria Sharapova. I hate to say it, but am rather glad she beat Mauresmo yesterday at the US Open (you know, that French woman who looks a bit like a man). Well done Maria...Maria, say it soft and it's almost like praying.

Maria, Maria, Maria say it loud and there's music playing...

And finally, I just found a site called "", a travelers guide to getting high. It even has an entry for Phuket (see here). Please note that drugs are very illegal in Thailand. This is not a place you want to get caught with anything more than a beer Chang.

Saturday 9th September  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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