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September 13th in Phuket

One other thought that struck me on Monday evening - "The September 11th attacks were really 5 years ago?" I remember getting home late from work and the TV was on. My wife said there had been a bomb in New York or something. It had just happened on the other side of the world..then the 2nd plane hit. For a long while I was dumbstruck and glued to the TV wondering if this was real, or an elaborate hoax or maybe a movie. 5 years ago.

Yesterdays weather was hot again, but someone came and fixed the aircon. The heat built up until early evening, then we had a typically tropical downpour for an hour or more. My wife came to pick me up in the car, but (obeying Sods Law) when she arrived the rain stopped.

Today could well be very similar. It's nice and warm, winds are light, seas are calm. Hope it's not too cold where you are. I've not worn a jumper for years.

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