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September 2nd - A ball of fire in the sky

Yes, it's sunny, although according to the Phuket Gazette, we should expect lots of rain and floods in the next couple of months. Enjoy it while you can!

When I got home yesterday it was warm and sunny, so I took advantage and dashed over to the pool. We have a 25m pool near our house - for a couple of years it was not being well looked after, but that has been sorted out now, and the pool is always clean, though they could use less chlorine.

Today has started clear and bright too. Hope this can continue into the weekend.

Had a tasty Penaeng curry at "Song Pee Nong 2" restaurant in Patong (a regular lunch spot for me). Its on a small side road just north of Christin Massage, turn left at the Family Mart. Call 089-868 7221 if you can't find it!

Todays Satellite Picture:

Satellite Photo, 2nd September - Phuket is the red dot

September 2nd - A ball of fire in the sky  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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