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September draws to an end

Well, Sunday was decent enough, though I think the most exciting thing I did was fit a new toilet seat. Also saw our dream house. Really, our dream house. Went for a little ride around on the bike, just me and the wife, leaving the kids with her mum. The house we found was gorgeous, and huge and rather expensive (about 10 million Baht), so it will probably remain a dream house :)

Saturday night we met some friends and ate again at the Chen Long Gung Gata buffet restaurant. We arrived early at about 5:30 just as a big downpour hit (didn't last long). By the time we left at 7:30pm it was FULL. Very popular. I was absolutely stuffed. All you can eat for 98 Baht.

All you can eat? Woo Hoo!

Today started wet, with dark clouds brooding over the hills. The afternoon has been OK I guess.


I normally don't care for golf, but it's quite popular here in Phuket. I've made a page now about Golf in Phuket. Anyway, well done to the European Ryder Cup team, who demolished the USA over the weekend in Ireland.

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