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Sunny September days continue in Phuket

Well, it has indeed been jolly nice the last few days. Aside from a little light rain last night, it's been warm and sunny. Mind you, I've hardly left the house as our son was rather unwell and needed looking after. Didn't want to take him out in the hot sun, so spent yesterday hanging around the house watching "Long Way Round" on DVD - Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman riding round the world on motorbikes. Having done a fair amount of traveling, I could empathise with their rollercoaster emotions on a trip like this.

Well, it's Tuesday morning, the sun is shining, my nose is running.

If you need a cheer up on a September day try this: - Let George fall or click on him to control with the mouse.

Oh, and the 2 English gals who were driving a tuk tuk from Bangkok to Brighton have arrived. See their Blog = "Tuk to the Road".

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