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A fine weekend - High season is here!

Oh yes indeed, the sun is out, the sky is blue, the air is fresh, these are the days of our lives. Saturday was "OK", and got nice and warm by the late afternoon, although there was a brief downpour before that. Saturday night was dry. England once again showed how great they are at football with a tremendous 0-0 thrashing of Macedonia. Meanwhile, largely ignored by the English news, Scotland beat France.

Sunday was the nicest, sunniest, warmest, most B.E.A. Utiful day for a long time. From dawn to dusk, clear skies, a few wisps of cloud, a gentle breeze. It seemed to me that the trees and plants all reached out to touch the sunlight, basking in the warmth. A great day to relax, do the garden (well, the gardener did the garden - how decadent of me...we pay him 300 Baht).

As the night fell, a full moon rose over the hills behind our house. The next full moon is November 5th - Loy Krathong. As dawn came (yes, I wake up early), the moon was heading down over the hills to the west. Today looks like another gorgeous day. Get it while you can.

In the spirit of positivism, I found this blog - 3 Beautiful Things - the blogger (Clare) records 3 things each day that have given her pleasure (no dirty thoughts allowed). So all you moaners out there - think positive! What gives me pleasure today? The weather, for one. The fact that my wife and kids are coming back today after visiting the inlaws for 2 weeks, and I had a very nice cup of coffee this morning and indeed might just pop down to the coffee machine for a refill.

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