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High season is NEARLY here

Well, I guess I jumped the gun on Monday. The sun does tend to make me rather positive and enthusiastic. Can't be long though before the high season kicks in, or maybe we'll have rain into November like last year. I am possibly due to go diving for 5 days at the end of this month on a luxury liveaboard, so I am redoubling my prayers for sun!

Yesterday was rather wet again, especially in the afternoon, although there is hardly any wind, which is a sign of changing seasons. All we are getting is local rain now, rather than monsoon rain. For me as a diver, flat seas are just as important as lack of rain. When you're in the sea, a bit of rain doesn't hurt, but rough seas make life uncomfortable.

Today has also started wet, with low clouds hanging over the hills. But my bones tell me the seasons are changing. A few more wet days maybe and then blue skies.

Amusing picture for the day:

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High season is NEARLY here  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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