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Sun and Thunder

Saturday evening we had a huge thunderstorm, rain coming down in sheets, thunder booming all around, but of course it was all over in one hour. Typical weather for the change of seasons. Hardly any wind, just local thunderstorms.

The Phuket Vegetarian Festival hs begun now (for more see Jamie's Phuket). We took a drive through Phuket Town on Saturday night - if you want to see some local colour then the main areas in town are around the market where you find Jui Tui Shrine, and also down Phuket Road (a little South of the centre) where Bang Niaw shrine is located. Loads of vegetarian food stalls in these areas. And (note to self and anyone else) - best not to drive a car in these areas, it's very crowded!

Sunday was another glorious day. Sunny all day. We visited the Thalang National Museum, then went for a relaxing lunch at Bang Pae Seafood, home for a swim, before eating Veggie in the evening. We bought food from Kathu village, around the Kathu shrine. Very tasty!

Longtail boat outside Thalang National Museum

Monday - more sun, yes indeed, though another brief thunderstorm and some light rain in the evening. More vegetarian food. This time we bought food from the Sam Kong area right in the north of Phuket Town (between Tesco Lotus and the Bangkok Phuket Hospital) - here you find Sam Kong shrine. And yet again, stuffed full of vegetarian food. You know, I could eat this every day - but this is special food that is hard to find at other times of the year. And I like steak.

Today has started with... (you guessed it) sunshine.

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