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The east wind doth blow...

Phuket weather has continued warm and sunny, but yesterday we felt a distinct strong breeze from the east. The NE winds can be quite strong and lead to choppy seas even if it's a lovely sunny day. I was out on a dinghy yesterday afternoon on Patong Bay, going to look at a new liveaboard dive boat. 10 minutes in the sun was enough to get a tan! And the water was bouncy enough to get wet shorts. This November is totally different to last year, which was unseasonably wet. Now we have great weather.

Sunday was sunny until mid afternon, when we had a thunderstorm. Nevertheless we took a drive down to Chalong for a walk on Chalong Jetty. Skies were clear in one direction and cloudy in the other.

Chalong Bay 12th November 2006

Tonight, the night is warm and windless...

Press close, bare-bosomed Night! Press close, magnetic nourishing Night! (Walt Whitman)

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