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Hot for November

Last November everyone was moaning that it was "wet for November". This year it's totally different. There has been the odd bit of rain, mostly at night. Nothing you wouldn't expect in a hot tropical environment. We did have lots of rain towards the end of the summer "green" season. The reservoir at Bang Wad was super full when we went there for Loy Krathong a couple of weeks ago. Last year it was much drier and the government was trying cloud seeding to make the rain fall! No need this year, but the change has been pretty sudden from wet to hot.

The last few days have been very warm. Yesterday I was knackered by the evening as we moved our work office. Despite enlisting some help, there was a lot to carry up the stairs in the heat and I think I got a bit too dehydrated. A common problem here, but I am normally pretty well accustomed to the heat - just not accustomed to hard work! Too much computer time with only fingers whizzing over the keyboard!

The heat was interrupted by a brief thunderstorm this afternoon. Our new workspace looks out over Patong from on high. We even have a seaview! Would be a great spot for a weather web cam.

Have a good weekend y'all.

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