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Loy Kratong and a Hazy Monday

Yesterday was Loy Kratong, one of Thailand's best known festivals. It's not so big here in Phuket (huge in Chiang Mai, Sukhothai, Ayutthaya), but there are events going on wherever you find water. It was a warm day, and I knew there would be a good chance of evening thunder, so we went just before dark up to Bang Wad Reservoir (Phuket's largest) in Kathu where there is always a bit of an event with live music, food stalls etc..along with half the residents of Kathu launching their Kratongs on the water.

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Anyway, I was right, as we had rain and thunder after we got home.

Today has started hazy again, though by mid morning the sun is doing its best to burn through the haze. This is the view over Kathu this morning:

Hazy sunrise over Kathu, 6th November 2006

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