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November sunshine in Phuket

As high season really kicks in there is less variety to the weather, and thus less to say in a Blog! The days merge together. I have been a bit "under the weather" this week with a cold in the head. The word "cold" when applied to a blocked nose and cough seems fine when it's winter in England...but how can you have a "cold" when it's 30 degrees every day and the sun shines bright?

I think I'll just pop down to 7-11 for an orange juice....

That's better. A good dose of Vitamin C.

Meanwhile, the sun is shining, the sea is calm, it's picture perfect weather. A few clouds just to ensure things don't get scorchingly hot. If you are here now, I have to say "I wish I was on holiday too"!

And The Ashes have begun! A funny old game is cricket. It totally baffles anyone from a country where it's not played, like the US of A, but I tell y'all it's way better than Baseball, and while we're on the subject, Rugby beats "American" football hands down.

All the latest Ashes news and scores here:

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