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16th December Phuket Weather

A very unexciting day. Warm, a bit hazy, some blue sky, some cloud, a little rain. See the photo below looking over Patong. You can see the Patong Resort, the Paradise Hotel and the Andaman Beach Suites, which are the tallest buildings in Patong. Picture was taken from an appartment on Phisit Karani Road near Patong temple.

View over Patong, 16th December 2006

Was certainly warm enough. I took a ride to Karon Beach at lunchtime to visit Steve, owner of the Pineapple Guesthouse (and indeed the new Pineapple 2 Guesthouse). This will be featured shortly in my Phuket Hotel Recommendations. A good low budget place to stay in Phuket.

Here's hoping for a sunny Sunday. Boy do I need a lie in!

Now, what about the cricket? (Hides head in hands and pretends to be Danish or something...Crikket? No, we don't play in Denmark). Today, Adam Gilchrist scored the second fastest Test century in history. Are England crap, or what? And in reply, Strauss already out for a duck...When is the next Ashes series? Not until 2009...

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