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Christmas Day in Phuket - Hot, Blue Skies.

I hope one day my kids can see some snow and have snowball fights...but not this year! Weather doesn't get any better than this. The sky has been clear and blue all day. Barely a wisp of cloud in sight, a lovely breeze blowing and it's Christmas! I am (personally) a bit of a humbug, but we have had lots of presents for the kids, and after taking a brunch at Leelawadee, we drove up Radar Hill, where we could really catch the wind, and the view over Patong Bay was great (see below) - it makes Patong look small and neat and indeed rather insignificant. We love the hills, and as usual we saw nobody else up there. Get up some hills when you are in Phuket!

View over Patong from Radar Hill, 25th December 2006

Christmas Day in Phuket - Hot, Blue Skies.  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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