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Christmas Eve in Phuket

No snow, no cold, no sleighbells. Tomorrow is Christmas Day. Personally, for us it will be a great day. We have 2 kids and we have now finished wrapping presents for them. I look forward to seeing their faces in the morning. Our Christmas tree is about 10 inches high and sits on the dining table. I think next year we will upgrade to the 2 foot tree.

Weather today - warm, sunny, a bit hazy, winds less than during the week.

Here's a photo from Kata Beach, Phuket taken this evening...

Kata Beach Sunset 24th December 2006

I think we will go to the beach tomorrow. 2 years ago we were on Kamala Beach on Christmas day. My wife was 9 months pregnant. My daughter was playing with friends on the beach. At this time of year I give thanks that we were not on the beach on Boxing Day and give thanks that what happened did not happen on Christmas Day.

On Tuesday we may well go to Patong for the memorial service to remember what happened 2 years ago.

Merry Christmas.

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