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It's not all weather, you know....

I do like to prattle on sometimes in this blog. Yes, it's sunny and hot in Phuket, but the cricket is on. The Ashes between England and Australia. Two matches down, two wins to the Aussies. The first was easy. The second should have been a draw, but somehow England managed a final day collapse. People have wondered if the right team was selected. Monty Panesar was not in the team, plus you had Harmy not bowling well at all, Freddy not at his best etc...

We only just noticed that it was on. I though it started tomorrow! And Monty has taken 3 wickets already! Not only that, but Harmy seems to have found his form. OK, let's fanatsise that England can come back and win the series from 2-0 down...

We need more of this:

Monty can fly. It's official. He is Superman.
Harmison after getting Ponting lbw for 2

It's not all weather, you know....  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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