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Oh no. It's nearly Christmas.

My last Christmas in the UK was 1997. I associate Christmas with cold weather, with the BBC and with Traditional English Christmas food. It's not the same when you live in a tropical country. Temperature: 33 degrees Celsius....nah, it can't be Christmas. Also, this is Thailand. You see Christmas in the big shops and touristy places, but you don't see christmas lights in the windows, you don't feel the cold air, a frost in the morning, the jingle of sleigh bells...

The last couple of years we have made an effort for our daughter, now 5 years old. So we have put up a little tree, decorated it, wrapped presents etc..

Well, the weather in Phuket today was hot, as it was yesterday and the day before. It is high season, so one can expect warmth, sun, and the occasional thunderstorm, like the one that soaked me a few days ago.

This weather will probably continue for the next week. There will be no updates here before Sunday 10th, as I am going to Malaysia for some diving in Sipadan.

I wish everyone a happy week. Do your Christmas shopping now, do not leave it until the last minute!

Oh no. It's nearly Christmas.  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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