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Phuket in mid December

As expected, weather is hot. This is guaranteed. Also guaranteed, unless the El NiƱo effect is really screwed up, is that you will have no snow on your Christmas holiday in Phuket. Right now, the mornings are quite fresh - it's always worth getting up early once in a while, the day is HOT (I have just driven my bike to Phuket Town and feel like a porky scratching), you may get a thunderstorm or brief downpour in the afternoon or early evening and at night, unless you enjoy sweat, air conditioning is most welcome.

Tomorrow we are officially in "peak season", the mad rush from mid-December to mid-January. Fortunately, I am no longer working in central Patong, so manage to escape the madness! Just have the normal traffic to deal with - in the last 5 years it seems half the population of Phuket has bought a new car. Every other car is a Toyota Fortuner, or a big "Get the **** out of my way" Pick up truck, along with little trendy cars like the Jazz and the Yaris. Just about all the main roads have been made 4 lane since I have lived here, which certainly eases the problem, and there are only a couple of well known bottle necks. One of them is Patong! Next year, the main roads in Patong will be made one way as a test. Beach road only North and Main central road only South. We'll see what happens!

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