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The post Christmas Weather in Phuket

You'll never guess. Go on, have a guess. Sunny and warm? Yes. Every day is a Christmas cracker, though we had a brief sudden and heavy downpour last night just as I was on the bike going over the mountain from Patong to Kathu. You have to be careful on that hill when it's wet. The water runs like a river across the tarmac and there are always a few cars that manage to stop on the steepest sections and find it too steep to get going again with wheels spinning on the wet road.

Christmas in Thailand is an odd affair. Some foreigners here try to do it very traditionally. We keep it low key but with lots of presents for the kids and I am not bothered about English Christmas dinner. Mind you, we went to a neighbour's for dinner last night and had turkey, roast potatoes, Christmas cake etc.. OK, so it tastes good!

New Year is more my scene. Just a few more days left of 2006.

I joined Flickr yesterday - the photo web site. I just added a few so far, which you can see here:


As for the cricket...England were thumped again in the 4th test. Today should be the 4th day of the test, but it was all over in 3. Verdict? not really good enough. But, on a happy note, Monty has won "Beard of the Year".

• BBC Report - Monty is Beard of the Year 2006

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