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Windy and Fresh

Lovely morning here in Phuket. Cool and fresh (if you can consider 25 degrees cool) with a fair old breeze blowing. The NE Monsoon has well and truly set in now. This time of year is a bit cooler and drier, and less humid too. Mind you, I went into the centre of Patong yesterday and it was hot and oppressive. Probably because its a bit of a concrete jungle, and you get the "Urban Heat Effect", plus the breeze is cut out by the buildings. Once you get out of the built up areas, it's cooler.

The NE Monsoon has a greater effect in the Gulf of Thailand. According to todays Bangkok Post, there are 4 meter waves and ferry services to Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Pha Ngan have been cancelled. Also, there is a cold weather front moving down from China - temperature on top of Doi Inthanon (Chiang Mai) was minus 3°C!

Not going to be that cold in Phuket!

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